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ILLA Cloud

ILLA Cloud is a low-code platform to accelerate internal tools development and help businesses save costs


ILLA Cloud

ILLA Cloud's rich feature set includes pre-built templates, components, and integrations that allow for the rapid creation of internal tools, dashboards, and CRUD applications.





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Why Choose ILLA?

Leading AI integrations

Integration with OpenAI, Hugging Face, Langchain, and more allows ILLA to offer enhanced AI capabilities. By leveraging these powerful AI services, you can build a wide range of functionalities to enhance your business or accelerate the development.

Smooth and efficient teamwork

We allow multiple users to collaborate on applications in real-time. With synchronized editing capabilities, team members can simultaneously work on different aspects of the project, ensuring a fluid and productive workflow.

Anyone can build tools

From designing front-end interfaces with drag-and-drop components to integrating with data sources and generating queries using AI assistance, ILLA provides a streamlined experience that removes unnecessary complexities. You don't need to be a tech expert to create your own applications.

Deploy with One-click

With ILLA Cloud, you don't have to worry about the deployment and release process. Once you have finished editing your application in ILLA, simply click the deploy button, and ILLA will take care of the rest.

Free for unlimited viewers

You can freely add an unlimited number of viewers at no extra cost. This means you only need to pay for the fees associated with your editor members. It allows you to accommodate a growing number of users without incurring additional expenses.


Rapid idea implementation

When enterprises experience a high demand for internal tools during rapid growth, ILLA Cloud can significantly accelerate the development speed and quality of your internal applications. This helps expedite your company's growth by quickly addressing the tooling needs.

No skill limitations for editors

With ILLA Cloud, any individual within the organization can build the tools they need without requiring specialized teams or technical skills. This empowers employees across various roles to create their own solutions, fostering innovation and productivity.

Cost reduction

By leveraging ILLA Cloud, enterprises can allocate their time, workforce, and financial resources towards core business activities. This results in reduced costs as ILLA streamlines the development process, eliminates the need for specialized teams, and minimizes the investment required for tooling development.



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